The Evil Eye, or Al-Ayn is believed to be a jinx that is said to cause harm in varying degrees,making one's fortune dissolve, and afflicted with bad luck.

The portrayals of the Islamic world depicted by Western painters have and continue to justify stigma against Muslim women. The depictions made by Western painters validate centuries of Orientalist tropes, resulting in prejudice against Muslim women in Western media. Through Western intervention, the misrepresentative depictions of the women in the Islamic World justify prejudice stereotypes, achieved through shallow observation and imagined representations, constituting the stereotypes of the identity. Western depictions, primarily rooted through the male gaze, is the "jinx", or disturbance placed on women in the Islamic World.

By referencing the five main stereotypes in correlation with the five pillars of Islam, I reiterate how wrongful and misrepresentative the depictions made by Western artists are, establishing the Orientalist trope that encourage current day prejudices.